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Chase Center Suites: Warriors Build the New Golden Standard in Premium Seating

Next season the back-to-back NBA champion Golden State Warriors will move across the bay into their brand new, state-of-the-art arena in downtown San Francisco – Chase Center. The past few years the Warriors have taken the leap on the basketball court from a struggling franchise into the most dominant team in the history of sports. Now it’s time for the Dubs to take a similar leap on the sidelines. The Warriors are moving from the oldest, most outdated NBA arena into the league’s newest and most spectacular. The Warriors rise to one of the most recognizable and valuable sports organizations in the world will culminate with the grand opening of the magnificent Chase Center for the 2019-20 season.

Despite the Warriors tremendous success on the court the past few seasons – and the enthusiasm of Dub Nation in the stands – there is no doubt that the Warriors are due for a new arena. Oracle Arena has lacked modern amenities, updated food options, and most of all – premium seating options that align with other top venues across the country. With the emergence of the booming tech sector in Silicon Valley, as well as the rise of the Warriors, the demand has never been higher in the Bay Area to treat corporate clients to a Warriors luxury suite. Despite this perfect blend of corporate demand to purchase suites and the entertainment of the Warriors on the floor, Oracle Arena has been unable to provide a true luxury suite experience for Silicon Valley to enjoy. With the opening of the Chase Center, that all changes. Chase Center will offer a state of the art luxury suite experience with upscale amenities, unique offerings, and a modern touch. The ancient suites from 1966-built Oracle Arena will become a thing of the past. The Bay Area will now have the premium seating experience at Warriors games that both the franchise and its amazing fans deserve.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Oracle Arena Concourse Level Suite Interior

Oracle Arena Concourse Level Suite Interior

Chase Center Club Suite Interior

Chase Center Club Suite Interior

Pictured are the primary level luxury suites at Oracle Arena and Chase Center, respectively. At Oracle Arena the suite is currently referred to as the Concourse Level Suite. At Chase Center, the suite is being sold as a Club Suite. The Club Suite at Chase Center is far more spacious, and it is being sold with only 16 tickets, as opposed to 20 tickets at the Oracle Arena Concourse Level Suite. There will be ample room to mingle with friends or discuss with clients. Highlights of the suite include a dramatic vaulted ceiling, large dining room style table to enjoy the premium food options catered to your suite, and an island bar in the center of the suite to enjoy a cocktail. With a full dining room setting, modern designs, and larger layout, the Chase Center suite will provide a far more relaxing and entertaining suite experience.

Here are some more photos of what Chase Center suites will look like.

Chase Center Club Suite Dining Area

Chase Center Club Suites include an upscale dining area

Chase Center Club Suite Interior

Chase Center Club Suites are spacious and elegant

Chase Center Club Suite Private Bar

Club Suites also come with a private bar which can be stocked with your preferred beverages

What Else to Expect at Chase Center

Theater Box

A major difference between the premium seating options at Oracle Arena and Chase Center will be Theater Boxes, which are intended for smaller groups still looking for an exclusive, private experience. In all there will be 60 total theater boxes, each of which can accommodate 4 guests. In each box there are 4 plush seats and a dining table for guests to enjoy a smaller, more intimate setting. Guests will have access to the 2 theater box clubs at Chase Center, as well as all inclusive premium food and beverages. With Theater Boxes, Chase Center is changing the game for fans who may not have the guest list to fill an entire 16 person suite.

Courtside Lounge

Accommodating 12-16 guests, Courtside Lounges will also provide a new luxury experience for guests at Chase Center. The design and layout is intended to reflect the elegance of Napa Valley, the beautiful wine country to the north of San Francisco. The highlight of the space is a dramatic vaulted ceiling that is modeled after the interior of a wine barrel. With a large harvest table, private bar, and personal butler, Courtside Lounges provide an exclusive experience. There are also shared wine vaults, where guests can socialize with other Courtside Lounge members and store their personal bottles. The Courtside Lounges truly provide an experience unlike any other in the industry.

Get Excited for Fall 2019!

In addition to the best show in basketball, Chase Center already has an exciting set of concerts lined up. Chase Center will open up with a concert on September 6th by Metallica, the most celebrated Bay Area band of all time. Metallica will reunite with San Francisco Symphony in what has all the makings of a legendary night. The concert is not only a celebration of Chase Center’s grand opening, but also the 20th anniversary of the two groups coming together. There’s no better way to open up Chase Center than with the best the Bay Area has to offer.

The impressive fall lineup at Chase Center also includes John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, The Chainsmokers, Phil Collins, and The Black Keys. Over the coming months expect Chase Center to reveal an additional list of artists who will perform at San Francisco’s newest hub for entertainment.

Chase Center is set to offer the most exclusive premium experiences in the country. Be sure to book with Suite Experience Group to secure a Chase Center luxury box today!

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NFL Disney World: Massive Los Angeles Stadium Underway

Los Angeles Stadium rendering

The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will both play in the brand new Los Angeles stadium once its construction is complete.


NFL returns to the City of Angels

Los Angeles is one of the United States’ most recognizable and populated areas. Home to two NBA, two MLB, one MLS, and one NHL franchise, not to mention the fervent rivalry between local university athletic programs UCLA and USC, it’s safe to say that L.A. is a great sports city. However, since 1994, LA has lacked professional football. This is changing in a big way; starting this upcoming 2017 NFL season, the Chargers will join the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams to bring two NFL franchises to the greater Los Angeles Area. The Bolts were founded in Los Angeles in 1960 before heading south to San Diego the following season.

Filling the Stadiums

Will Los Angeles be able to support not one, but two football franchises? Last season, the Rams were welcomed back with open arms, selling out 70,000 season tickets and drawing a crowd of over 91,000 to their season opener at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Rams’ evaluation jumped from $1.45B to $2.9B after moving, good for 3rd highest in the NFL behind the Cowboys and Patriots. The Los Angeles Chargers will move into the StubHub Center, home of the LA Galaxy. At a capacity of 30,000, it is well below the NFL’s required minimum of 50,000. However, this location is temporary, as both the Rams and Chargers will move into the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, which is currently under construction in Inglewood, for the 2020 NFL season. 

Los Angeles Stadium Quick Facts

  • 298 acres, 3.5 times the size of Disneyland
  • Expected to hold 70,240 seats, plus 25,000 in standing room only tickets behind end zones
  • 260 luxury suites, 7 different varieties
  • Joins MetLife Stadium (home of the NY Giants   and NY Jets) as the only stadiums that are shared by two NFL franchises
  • Privately funded, expected cost of $2.6B is over $1 billion more than next most costly stadium in the world (MetLife)
  • Will host Super Bowl LVI in 2022
  • 19-acre transparent canopy to cover stadium

In addition to battling for and receiving NFL franchises, Los Angeles will host the summer Olympics in 2028. The Los Angeles Stadium is expected to host the Opening Ceremony, soccer, and archery events.

Though the stadium is several years from being completed, the first 125 luxury suites have already been marketed to potential leaseholders. If you simply cannot wait, you can purchase a suite for the Los Angeles Rams at Memorial Coliseum or the Los Angeles Chargers at the StubHub Center with Suite Experience Group today.

Los Angeles Stadium rendering

An artist’s rendering of the new L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District.

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A New Nest for the High-Flying Falcons

Fresh off a trip to the Super Bowl, the Falcons couldn’t have chosen a better time to move into their new home, Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Falcon’s owner Arthur Blank set very high expectations for his team’s brand new stadium and boy did he deliver. The $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium will feature unparalleled city views, an upgraded fan experience, and a breathtaking retractable roof. With its pulsating music and lights, the energy of Mercedes-Benz will bring a bright beating heart to the center of Atlanta.

As part of our series detailing the sports venues being unveiled in the next year, we wanted to give Falcons fans a little taste of their incredible new stadium. Mercedes-Benz Stadium should more than console Falcons fans still bitter about their Super Bowl loss as it looks to be the new standard for all other stadiums in both the NFL and MLS.


Premium Seating

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Quick Facts

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta offers fan friendly pricing and eco-friendly technology.

For those fans looking for a more premium experience, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will have plenty of high-quality game experiences for their VIP guests. With 7,500 club seats, a suite level stretching from endzone to endzone, and over 100,000 square feet of premium clubs and lounges, including the Champions Lounge located behind the Falcon’s bench. Atlanta’s new NFL home is truly outfitted to give guests a top-of-the-line gameday experience.


Suite Options

Mercedes-Benz Stadium will offer two suite levels for fans that want to host clients or entertain friends in a suite. The Touchdown Suites are located on the field level, can host up to 22 guests, and are outfitted with a wet bar, comfortable theater-style seating and private restrooms in every suite. Each suite is decked out with all the tech that guests could want; HD TV’s with access to NFL Sunday Ticket and a local Wi-Fi network to give a full suite of guests internet access.

The Franchise Suites, which are located on the suite level, offer seating for between 14 and 22 guests. These suites are furnished with top of the line seating and offer a bird’s eye view of the action in your own comfortable climate controlled space. All suites come with a delicious catering menu, a full offering of beer, wine and spirits, and dedicated suite attendant to take care of your every need. With over 90 suites available at opening, there are plenty of options to take your gameday experience to the next level.



Iconic Roof and Halo Video Board

If fans want to see what really makes Mercedes-Benz Stadium the crown jewel of Atlanta, all fans have to do is look up. The stadium’s “360-degree Halo” video board is the largest in professional sports. The 63,000 square-foot screen is located right below the retractable roof’s opening providing fans ways to view the score, the time and recent highlights from any angle. To top it off, the stadium’s retractable roof, which was inspired by the Oculus of the Roman Pantheon, opens and closes in a unique way that is truly indescribable. Check out the video below for a fly-over of the stadium that demonstrates how the roof operates.



When Arthur Blank set out to build a stadium that was both environmentally conscious and fan-focused, I’m not sure even he knew how gorgeous his team’s new home venue would be. When Mercedes-Benz Stadium is finally opened on July 30th, NFL and MLS fans across the country will be very jealous of Atlanta’s iconic new home venue.

Sports fans should stay tuned to the Suite Experience Group’s Blog as the year progresses. We will be examining all of the new arenas opening up around the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA this year. The next venue in our series will be Little Caesar’s Arena, which opens in 2017 and will be shared by the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings.

As always, if you are interested in purchasing a luxury suite please contact us through our website.


*Information the Mercedes-Benz Website, Business Insider and the Atlanta Falcons was used in this post

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A Crown Jewel for California’s Capital City

Only three years ago the Sacramento Kings seemed headed out of California’s capital, but now, thanks to Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson and Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, the Kings seem set to stay in Sac-town for a very long time. For the first time in ten years, full season and half season ticket plans have completely sold out. For a team that has struggled to fill Sleep Train Arena in the past this is fantastic news. The rises in sales are all thanks to the $507 million dollar Golden 1 Center.  Golden 1 is a technological marvel fit for the capital city of a state that includes both the Silicon Valley and natural wonders like Yosemite and Redwood National Parks. Here’s a rendition of how the Kings new arena will look like when it is finished that was taken from the Kings YouTube page.


Golden 1 Center fun facts

Sacramento’s brand new Golden 1 Center is making an effort to become one of the most eco-friendly venues in the entertainment industry.

As part of our series detailing the sporting venues being unveiled this year, we wanted to give Sacramento Kings fans a look into the most technologically advanced and green arena in the NBA. Kings fans are truly in for a treat as Vivek Ranadive’s design team has managed to both highlight Sacramento and create a state-of-the-art entertainment center.


Why is Golden 1 Center the most technologically advanced arena in the NBA and described by Wired Magazine as “A Giant Tesla”?

It is outfitted with over 650 miles of fiber optic cable and a 6,000 square foot data center

The arena can handle 500,000 Snapchats per second and it is conceivable that Golden 1 will be easily handle anything that mobile devices can throw at it for the next 10 to 20 years. There is also cell coverage no matter where you are in the building.

Golden 1 Center is a SMART building

It knows everything that is transpiring on the premises. Golden 1 can send fans score updates when they’re getting food, tell fans which bathroom has the shortest line or deliver a deal code to fans when they’re in line at concessions.

The Video Screen has more pixels than the Dallas Cowboys screen despite being half the size

Because of NBA regulations the Kings couldn’t build a bigger screen than the Cowboys but they did manage to get 32 million pixels on their 84 foot screen, which is six million more than the Cowboys fit on their 160 foot screen.

Golden 1 Center has its own app

The app permits fans to have the easiest gameday experience possible from getting to the game to ordering concessions. Golden 1’s app enables fans to purchase tickets and parking online and then gives fans directions to their parking spot and seat. Another cool feature of the app is that it allows fans to buy anything from a hot dog to a foam finger from the comfort of their seat.

Kings fans should be thrilled with their new arena, which has definitely delivered on its promise of bringing the ultimate modern gameday experience. A jewel amidst picturesque downtown Sacramento, Golden 1 Center should bring vitality and excitement to California’s capital city.



Sports fans should stay tuned to the Suite Experience Group’s Blog as the summer progresses. We will be examining all of the new arenas opening up around the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA this year. The next venue in our series will be the Detroit Red Wings Little Caesar’s Arena, which opens in 2017 and will feature very innovative seating options.

As always, if you are interested in purchasing a luxury suite please contact us through our website.

*Information from Wired Magazine and Amplify Magazine used in this post

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U.S. Bank Stadium: A New Home for the Purple People Eaters

As the 2016 NFL season draws closer, many industry experts will be focused on the land of a thousand lakes and the Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium in Minneapolis – U.S. Bank Stadium. The brand new stadium exemplifies a trend of big time investment in venues across the sports industry, but especially in the National Football League. Forbes has predicted that the NFL will generate over $13 billion dollars in revenue in 2016. While $13 billion in revenue is quite an impressive number, perhaps the most significant indicator of the health of the NFL brand is the number of multi-billion dollar stadiums under proposal or currently being constructed.

In our series on new sporting venues across the major North American sports leagues, we will be examining what is unique about each venue and what amenities and features these massive investments are providing in-stadium fans. Since the 2016 NFL season will be U.S. Bank Stadium’s inaugural one, our first post will give Vikings fans a little taste of what the Metrodome’s replacement has to offer.

U.S. Bank Stadium

The front of U.S. Bank Stadium is designed to look like the prow of a viking longship.

What’s cool/unique about Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium?

  1. It looks like a Viking longship
  2. It is one of the only stadiums in the NFL with a single truss design, which enables it to shed the snow and ice common during Minnesota winters
  3. It has Turf Suites literally right on top of the field, close enough that fans can almost hear the play calls
  4. The stands are the closest to the field of any stadium in the NFL, so fans can really feel those bone-crunching hit

How does it compare to the old Metrodome?

  • It is almost twice the size
  • Has twice as many bathrooms
  • 44 more luxury suites
  • 8,000 additional club seats
  • Six new VIP lounges
  • Six different types of luxury suite to cater for all different sizes and types of groups

It is safe to say that fans of the Purple People Eaters will be extremely entertained in their swanky new stadium: there is truly an experience for everyone.

Sports fans should stay tuned to the Suite Experience Group’s Blog as the summer progresses. We will be examining all of the new arenas opening up around the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA this year. The next venue in our series will be the NBA’s most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly arena, the Sacramento King’s Golden 1 Center.

As always if you’re looking to buy a luxury suite, check out our website.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Birth of Hockey’s Newest Expansion Franchise

If you’re wondering how exactly the NHL ended up in Las Vegas, it all starts with Bill Foley. Bill Foley is a top-level executive for Fidelity National Financial who has been pushing for a Las Vegas sports franchise for quite a long time. Rumors have been circulating for years about the possible relocation of an NBA or NFL team, so it is a little surprising that the franchise Foley finally landed was an NHL team. The question is, why after years of lobbying, did a big four sports franchise finally decide to take up residence in Sin City? Well, let’s let Kevin Costner answer that one for you.

T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV

T-Mobile Arena will host the NHL’s newest team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

“Build it and they will come.”

The consistent problem Foley had in his big time recruiting project was the lack of a feasible stadium for a new team to play in. He decided to solve that problem and build one. The $375 million project was funded by MGM Resorts International and Anschutz Entertainment Group and began on May 1, 2014.   Construction of the stadium, on an empty tract of land behind the New York-New York and Monte Carlo resorts, finished on April 6, 2016. No expense was spared in the construction of the arena and the superior quality of the stadium reflects its meticulous design.

Superior Design

T-Mobile Arena is a state-of-the-art facility featuring the most advanced technology and a world-class design. The building is constructed to highlight the best parts of the Las Vegas area. The front of the building reflects the glitz and glamour of the Strip, while the back of the arena is filled with deep purples, blues and reds to evoke the picturesque desert sunsets. Despite its grandeur, the arena still maintains respect for the beautiful natural setting that surrounds the city. The U.S. Green Building Council even gave the arena a Gold Certification for its environmentally conscious design. In January 2016, T-Mobile bought the rights to the 20,000-seat arena and off the bid for an NHL expansion team went.

Featuring the Ultimate in Entertainment

Foley now had his stadium but he was still missing his sports franchise. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long. The NHL approved the Las Vegas expansion request on June 22, 2016. Even prior to the bid’s approval, Las Vegas showed that it would welcome a sports team with open arms – the arena sold over 10,000 potential season tickets. Unfortunately for the excited citizens of Las Vegas the hockey team will not be moving into T-Mobile Arena until 2017-2018. But don’t worry… In the meantime, sports fans can watch a plethora of supremely entertaining events. Already, T-Mobile Arena has hosted A-Listers like Billy Joel and George Strait as well as a big-time boxing match between Amir Khan and Canelo Alvarez. Looking a little further along this year, the Professional Bull Riding Finals will be held in T-Mobile Arena along with the Pac-12 Basketball Championships, many Ultimate Fighting Championship events and concerts from everyone from Garth Brooks to Gwen Stefani.

T-Mobile Arena luxury suite

T-Mobile Arena luxury suites plan to offer a VIP experience with cutting edge technology and first class service.

Top of the Line Luxury Suites

T-Mobile Arena’s luxury suites are not only the newest in the entertainment industry, but also some of the finest. The suites are located above the lower bowl and provide the best sightlines to the ice rink or stage. Additionally, suites contain HDTV’s to keep up with all the action, both live and on replay. Suite furnishings are of outstanding quality and offer a comfortable space to enjoy any event as well as entertain clients and guests. Customizable catering plans filled with the best options in game day fare can be purchased for an additional cost. A luxury suite comes with 12 tickets, the option to purchase an additional 4 tickets (a total of 16 tickets), 3 VIP Parking Passes and complimentary access to all of the arena’s VIP private lounges and clubs. As an added bonus, suite attendees get to access the arena through an exclusive VIP entrance. If you’re interested in attending an event at T-Mobile Arena in a luxury suite please contact us at our website:




Call us at: 1(800)592-7043


Upcoming Special Events


7/16/16        DIXIE CHICKS


8/06/16        BARBRA STREISAND

8/19/16        GWEN STEFANI

8/20/16        UFC 202: FEAT NATE DIAZ vs. CONNOR McGREGOR

8/21/16        SLIPKNOT

9/1/16           COLDPLAY

9/9-10/16     GEORGE STRAIGHT

9/11/16        DRAKE



Check out the full calendar at:

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Want to see the NBA Champions in a Golden State Warriors luxury suite?

NBA ChampsWe’re 20 days away from the Warriors home opener.  If you’re a Warriors fan, this is a big deal.  The banner gets raised.  The rings get handed out.  And the Splash Bros and their teammates get started on their quest for a repeat.

The defending champs have won 11 of the last 15 home openers, so expect a big night out of Steph Curry and team.

And what better way to catch the home opener than from a Golden State Warriors luxury suite?  This season, Suite Experience Group brings access to a lower level luxury suite that comes with 20 tickets and 4 VIP parking passes.  The Warriors popularity is at an all time high, so contact us now to secure your booking.


About Scott Spencer, President

As the President of Suite Experience Group, Mr. Spencer oversees all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, and operations.

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Your Kansas City Royals Suite Awaits

Looking to entertain in Kansas City this year? There’s no better place than Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, a Signature Suite is the perfect setting for any occasion. Suite Experience Group is the simplest and most trustworthy source to rent a suite on a game-by-game basis. So whether you need a Royals suite of one game or five, it’s easy to do. A suite at Kauffman Stadium will accommodate groups of 20 or more and provide each guest with the ultimate VIP experience. A Royals suite will feature dining and entertaining areas inside the suite with premium seating outside of the suite. HDTVs, Wi-Fi and audio/video hook-ups will allow companies to hold briefings or presentations before the game. Premium in-suite catering can be ordered well in advance so when guests arrive to the suite they will see a beautiful spread. Along with VIP parking passes, you will also enter Kauffman Stadium through a private entrance. Our Royals suite access provides a great view of the game, located right between home plate and third base. Signature Suites are located right above the first section of seating. You’ll get an excellent view of the field and the amazing fountains in the outfield.

To see the Royals home schedule and inquire about a renting a suite, click here! 

About Brian Jeffcoat, VP Client Services

As VP, Client Services, Mr. Jeffcoat leads Suite Experience Group’s sales and customer service efforts.

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