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Across the National Hockey League, teams are partnering with SEG to drive significant growth in suite bookings and provide an improved customer booking experience. A case study of similar NHL clubs has shown the SEG partnership has led to a 25% average booking year-over-year increase of in the first year of the partnership with over 50% of bookings occurring outside of traditional business hours. READ MORE
Four clicks or taps of the internet are all that’s required to book a single-night suite rental at Arena. The famed Los Angeles venue uses Suite Experience Group’s software, called SuitePro, to sell the 16 suites that it offers online on a per-event basis. READ MORE
The founders of these startups are delivering solutions to our nation’s biggest problems–and growing their businesses like crazy doing it. READ MORE
"People will book anything online if you emulate the experience correctly." Hear from Candy Fuzesy of Suite Experience Group and Jared Ginsberg of the Edmonton Oilers about how online booking has changed the premium sales approach, and learn how it can benefit your team too. READ MORE
"When it comes to suites, the L.A. market has some of the most impressive venues in the country," says Suite Experience Group president Scott Spencer, noting SoFi’s field cabanas and BMO Stadium’s reputation as having some of the most opulent suites available to MLS devotees. "There is a bit of a venue arms race underway, and the biggest beneficiaries are the fans." READ MORE
Get inspired by the founders behind our annual data-driven list, and learn how they led their teams, winning in a time of change. READ MORE
"Traditionally, you fill out a form, someone contacts you and they walk you through everything," said Manny Jacobo, vice president of premium business at Arena, which is working with Suite Experience Group to launch an Airbnb-like website for purchasing per-game premium seating. "More of the future is being able to go out there, find the information, and purchase online à la carte. Make it seamless for people to be able to purchase." READ MORE
"The biggest appeal to a luxury box today is being able to provide your group your own private intimate space in the ballpark," said Brian Jeffcoat, vice president of client services at Suite Experience Group. "There is still a risk when attending a game with the pandemic, and being in a suite can provide your group with a safer and private place to enjoy the game while taking in the atmosphere of Major League Baseball." READ MORE
These are the stories of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the U.S. READ MORE
Dan August of the Los Angeles Rams, Scott Spencer of Suite Experience Group, and the ALSD’s Jared Frank discuss current suite marketplace trends and a technology to better market and sell single-event suites in response to those trends. READ MORE
The selections below are for companies in Silicon Valley, which goes as far north as San Mateo, as far south as Santa Cruz and as far east as Fremont. READ MORE
Inc.'s annual guide to the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.--and how they reached their lofty heights. READ MORE
Suite Experience Group is among sites that function as, more or less, a StubHub for suites. The sites work with suite holders interested in unloading a few games of their allotment. READ MORE
If you are willing to part with a serious chunk of change, you can watch the Super Bowl from the privacy of your own suite in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Several companies that have leased the suites from the stadium are trying to sell their Super Bowl access. Currently, prices through Suite Experience Group range from $65,000 for a loge box for six to about $700,000 for thirty people. READ MORE
Sports teams are finally embracing Suite Experience Group's business of reselling luxury suites at stadiums. That makes the companies that buy the suites happy. READ MORE
If entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of an economy, consider Inc.'s ranking of 5,000 companies America's circulatory system. Our annual report looks at these fast-growing innovators--and how they made our list. READ MORE
Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group, a California company that sells space in luxury suites, said that although it’s still too early to see the full impact of the tax change, he thinks many long-term suite leases will change hands in the next few years as contracts come up for renewal. READ MORE
"Some companies might find it difficult to justify the cost of providing an extravagant experience to a couple dozen prospects, but if just one of those prospects converts, the expense will have been worth it," says Scott Spencer, CEO and Founder of Suite Experience Group. "The recipient of the experience will remember the event for a lifetime -- and remember the company that provided the experience favorably." READ MORE
Instead of another trinket to clutter your employees' desks, why not go for an experience they'll never forget? Suite Experience Group gives businesses the opportunity to rent a luxury suite for sporting events and concerts without having to pay the hefty fee for keeping it year-round. It's essentially the Airbnb of event suites. READ MORE
Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group, a San Francisco firm that rents out luxury suites on behalf of leaseholders, estimates that individual team suites might go for $250,000 and the dual-use suites might fetch twice that. READ MORE
We're chatting with Scott Spencer to learn about pricing trends for this year's Super Bowl suites and tickets. READ MORE
Spencer said the communal style suites have been popular at both Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. “It’s cool that they’re doing these in a basketball venue, because I haven’t seen that before.” READ MORE
Brian has an inside look at what you can expect to party to see the Super Bowl in person! READ MORE
"The rich individuals and the companies who want this premium tier of access, they understand that there's a better way to get this than signing up for these long-term commitments or purchasing the asset themselves," Spencer said. "That's the model we're trying to bring to luxury suites. … The goal is to be disruptive in the way that you can access premium inventory." READ MORE
But really: How does anyone spend 82 G's on stadium food? Even over a period of a few years? How is it possible? Well, look at the suites at Cowboys games, for example. There's this passage that discusses food and drink: "Suite Experience Group clients typically spend between $1,000-$2,000 for catering, with some clients spending even more if they order significant amounts of alcohol." READ MORE
Best Place to Network: Owner's Suite at AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys). Of course Jerry Jones's seats at the Cowboys's colossal stadium in Arlington tops the list. It's one of the more exclusive seating sections in football, graced by one of the sport's most charismatic owners. READ MORE
Of course, this is a Super Bowl package, so it has to include tickets to the game, and this is where your other friends come in. The $1 million package will include 22 Super Bowl tickets and a Gold Suite at Levi's Stadium. For reference, the cheapest suite is going for around $345,000 right now. READ MORE
Looking for tickets? Any last-second Super Bowl 50 attendees will still have to break the bank to buy tickets. Expect to shell out at least $5,000. Seats at the 50-yard line will cost at least $15,000, and a Super Bowl luxury suite can be rented for just $345,000 to $600,000, according to READ MORE
A lot of their success comes from a strong market for luxury suites, and it turns out the Jets and Giants haven’t cannibalized each other, according to Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group, a luxury box reseller. “The Giants have sold more inventory than the Jets, but many companies just bought both," said Spencer. "So it wasn’t about the team. It was more about corporate entertainment.” READ MORE
Football fan? Well if you hit the lottery, you never have to freeze in the stands again. Reserve a luxury box for you and up to two dozen friends for every homegame at Metlife. READ MORE
So why would any NFL owner want to come to LA then? For one, there's nice weather, but more important is the ability to sell premium seats and luxury boxes. They're exempt from revenue sharing and have become an important tool to finance stadiums. There, L.A does have a big advantage, says Scott Spencer, President of the Suite Experience Group, a luxury box reseller. READ MORE
The average price of a Super Bowl ticket is $4,823.25! Scott Spencer, president of the Suite Experience Group, explained why XLIX regular game tickets were the most expensive in Super Bowl History, saying, "Many brokers sold tickets weeks and months before the game for between $2,500 to $3,500 under the assumption they could purchase those tickets for less once the game drew closer (this has been a profitable endeavor for brokers during the last two Super Bowls)..." READ MORE
You thought tickets to the big game were expensive? Try getting into the VIP Boxes. READ MORE
The Cowboys offer more than 300 luxury suites across five levels, said team spokesman Brett Daniels. The catch? You have to pay $100,000 to $500,000 annually, under 20-year lease deals...

Don't want to commit to a 20-year lease? Rent unused boxes per game from the Suite Experience Group—the equivalent of StubHub for luxury boxes. Figure around $20,000 for a Field Level suite; $30,000 to $35,000 for Hall of Fame box, says Suite Experience President Scott Spencer. READ MORE
Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group told that you can lease a suite at your favorite stadium, which could cost you from $800,000 to $1 million a year, and some teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, make you sign lengthy 20 year leases. Instead of leasing one, you can also always take the second route of using a middle-company, like Suite Experience Group itself, which will allow you to buy your way into a suite for individual games. READ MORE
Getting access to a luxury suite at a sports event such as the Super Bowl usually means signing a multiyear lease, often tying up millions of dollars of capital. But just as NetJets has done with private jets and HomeAway has done with vacation rentals, Suite Experience Group is matching unused skyboxes with renters, lowering barriers to suite access and opening the door for well-heeled executives and individuals to entertain in style without long-term commitments. READ MORE
There are two main ways to get a luxury suite, explains Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group. The first is to lease one, which is a considerable commitment of time and money. Method two is to use a service such as the aforementioned Suite Experience Group, which provides access to suites on a game-by-game basis. READ MORE
If you want a thrill beyond the event, such as getting an ex-player from the team to spend the game with you, he recommends a sports experience firm like Suite Experience Group. "They can sometimes provide access to the field before a game or something even better."


"Clients come first, second, and third in our business model, and building long term relationships are very important. Suite Experience Group abides by this business model as well. What a better way to build and deepen relationships than to create memorable experiences for our clients. Suite Experience Group was integral in organizing a first class gathering at Citi Field earlier this spring for the New York Mets weekend home opener for our clients. Their staff was very attentive during the planning process. It made the afternoon not only outstanding for our clients but it was a wonderful outing for our management group as well. We are very excited to plan our next client experience with Suite Experience Group!"
Chris, Managing Director at Wells Fargo Advisors, New Jersey
"Brian was amazing to work with and will definitely be coming back to do business with him again! He gave me detailed quotes for every stadium where we have an office in the nation and once we were able to book an event he was ALWAYS responsive by phone and email to answer any question we had (everything from dropping off tickets at will call to what we could bring into the stadium). He made booking a suite for our VIP clients such a premium experience! It was such a pleasure to work with him!"
Lisle, Marketing Manager, Los Angeles, California
"I plan many client events around the country for my organization and working with Suite Experience Group as been a "suite" experience through and through. I did not have to worry about using multiple vendors and fill out different paperwork for each aspect of my event. SEG served as a one-stop shop resource which made the stress of having an event like this very minimal. Brian my contact was always communicative and responsive and provided all the information needed in a timely manner. I am now recommending to my colleagues to work with Suite Experience Group."
Michelle, Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau, California
"Our event (suite at AT&T stadium for the Thanksgiving day game) was a great experience as a family. Every detail was taken care of and expectations were so well set that it led to a wonderful day from start to finish. Thanks for your part in creating our family memory."
Kevin, Maryland
"A luxury suite is one of the best places to build meaningful relationships with clients and prospects. Suite Experience Group has consistently exceeded my expectations, helping me entertain my best clients in suites at Staples Center and Angel Stadium. Their service is first-class - they take care of all the little details so I can focus on building relationships and having a great time. I'm looking forward to holding my next event in a suite."
Tom, Senior Financial Services Executive, Southern California
"When it came time to plan our annual sales conference, the executive team at my company asked me to organize a first-class group outing at a conference otherwise entirely focused on work. Suite Experience Group was able to get me a lower level suite for the Dallas Cowboys. Not only did Suite Experience Group make the entire planning process a pleasure for me personally, multiple employees claim it was our "best event ever". Thank you Suite Experience Group. We're already looking forward to next year!"
Kelsey, Conference and Event Planner, Texas
"Thanks to Suite Experience Group, I have a new tool in my marketing arsenal. When I invited ten CIOs I had never met before to a Lakers game, my expectations on their response were low. To my surprise, seven of those ten accepted the invitation, and two brought along the CEO as well. In the end, I got 3 hours of quality time with top business prospects in an exciting environment. It elevated the profile of our business in the region and we are already seeing dividends. Thank you Suite Experience Group."
Peter, Senior Technology Sales Executive, Southern California
"I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Suite Experience Group this past summer. I have dealt with many vendors for countless corporate functions and SEG is one of the best to date. The resources and options I was given were exactly what I was looking for. From our initial contact to the time of the event, my expectations were surpassed. Everything was timely and easy. Suite Experience Group took care of everything so I could focus on enjoying the time with my group. It was a huge success and I look forward to working with them again in the near future."
Michael, Director of Business Development, New York

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