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Chase Center Suites: Warriors Build the New Golden Standard in Premium Seating

Next season the back-to-back NBA champion Golden State Warriors will move across the bay into their brand new, state-of-the-art arena in downtown San Francisco – Chase Center. The past few years the Warriors have taken the leap on the basketball court from a struggling franchise into the most dominant team in the history of sports. Now it’s time for the Dubs to take a similar leap on the sidelines. The Warriors are moving from the oldest, most outdated NBA arena into the league’s newest and most spectacular. The Warriors rise to one of the most recognizable and valuable sports organizations in the world will culminate with the grand opening of the magnificent Chase Center for the 2019-20 season.

Despite the Warriors tremendous success on the court the past few seasons – and the enthusiasm of Dub Nation in the stands – there is no doubt that the Warriors are due for a new arena. Oracle Arena has lacked modern amenities, updated food options, and most of all – premium seating options that align with other top venues across the country. With the emergence of the booming tech sector in Silicon Valley, as well as the rise of the Warriors, the demand has never been higher in the Bay Area to treat corporate clients to a Warriors luxury suite. Despite this perfect blend of corporate demand to purchase suites and the entertainment of the Warriors on the floor, Oracle Arena has been unable to provide a true luxury suite experience for Silicon Valley to enjoy. With the opening of the Chase Center, that all changes. Chase Center will offer a state of the art luxury suite experience with upscale amenities, unique offerings, and a modern touch. The ancient suites from 1966-built Oracle Arena will become a thing of the past. The Bay Area will now have the premium seating experience at Warriors games that both the franchise and its amazing fans deserve.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Oracle Arena Concourse Level Suite Interior

Oracle Arena Concourse Level Suite Interior

Chase Center Club Suite Interior

Chase Center Club Suite Interior

Pictured are the primary level luxury suites at Oracle Arena and Chase Center, respectively. At Oracle Arena the suite is currently referred to as the Concourse Level Suite. At Chase Center, the suite is being sold as a Club Suite. The Club Suite at Chase Center is far more spacious, and it is being sold with only 16 tickets, as opposed to 20 tickets at the Oracle Arena Concourse Level Suite. There will be ample room to mingle with friends or discuss with clients. Highlights of the suite include a dramatic vaulted ceiling, large dining room style table to enjoy the premium food options catered to your suite, and an island bar in the center of the suite to enjoy a cocktail. With a full dining room setting, modern designs, and larger layout, the Chase Center suite will provide a far more relaxing and entertaining suite experience.

Here are some more photos of what Chase Center suites will look like.

Chase Center Club Suite Dining Area

Chase Center Club Suites include an upscale dining area

Chase Center Club Suite Interior

Chase Center Club Suites are spacious and elegant

Chase Center Club Suite Private Bar

Club Suites also come with a private bar which can be stocked with your preferred beverages

What Else to Expect at Chase Center

Theater Box

A major difference between the premium seating options at Oracle Arena and Chase Center will be Theater Boxes, which are intended for smaller groups still looking for an exclusive, private experience. In all there will be 60 total theater boxes, each of which can accommodate 4 guests. In each box there are 4 plush seats and a dining table for guests to enjoy a smaller, more intimate setting. Guests will have access to the 2 theater box clubs at Chase Center, as well as all inclusive premium food and beverages. With Theater Boxes, Chase Center is changing the game for fans who may not have the guest list to fill an entire 16 person suite.

Courtside Lounge

Accommodating 12-16 guests, Courtside Lounges will also provide a new luxury experience for guests at Chase Center. The design and layout is intended to reflect the elegance of Napa Valley, the beautiful wine country to the north of San Francisco. The highlight of the space is a dramatic vaulted ceiling that is modeled after the interior of a wine barrel. With a large harvest table, private bar, and personal butler, Courtside Lounges provide an exclusive experience. There are also shared wine vaults, where guests can socialize with other Courtside Lounge members and store their personal bottles. The Courtside Lounges truly provide an experience unlike any other in the industry.

Get Excited for Fall 2019!

In addition to the best show in basketball, Chase Center already has an exciting set of concerts lined up. Chase Center will open up with a concert on September 6th by Metallica, the most celebrated Bay Area band of all time. Metallica will reunite with San Francisco Symphony in what has all the makings of a legendary night. The concert is not only a celebration of Chase Center’s grand opening, but also the 20th anniversary of the two groups coming together. There’s no better way to open up Chase Center than with the best the Bay Area has to offer.

The impressive fall lineup at Chase Center also includes John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, The Chainsmokers, Phil Collins, and The Black Keys. Over the coming months expect Chase Center to reveal an additional list of artists who will perform at San Francisco’s newest hub for entertainment.

Chase Center is set to offer the most exclusive premium experiences in the country. Be sure to book with Suite Experience Group to secure a Chase Center luxury box today!

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How to Buy a Super Bowl LIII Luxury Suite

Are you exploring suite options for Super Bowl LIII?  Suite Experience Group is here to help you plan your experience in a luxury suite for Super Bowl 53 with advice on how to book your suite and a comprehensive guide on the premium seating options and amenities at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

When is the right time to book a luxury box for Super Bowl LIII?

The best time to book a Super Bowl suite depends on whether you are booking the suite as a corporation looking to entertain clients, or a fan tied to seeing a particular team in the big game.

Corporate Buyer Considerations:

If you are a corporate buyer, your best option is to book a Super Bowl suite as soon as you feel comfortable committing to the purchase. As the playoffs get underway, inventory will continue to decrease and prices tend to increase. As inventory sells, you risk missing out on suite options that will best accommodate your group.

Personal Buyer (rooting for a specific team):

For buyers who only have interest in attending the game if their favorite team makes it to Super Bowl LIII, the best option is to wait until mid January to evaluate how your team is advancing in the playoffs. You can either purchase the suite early and attempt to resell it if your team doesn’t make it, or you can wait until after Championship Weekend.  There is some degree of risk with each approach. If you buy early and your team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl, you risk not being able to sell the suite at the full price that you purchased it for, thus losing money on the transaction.  If you wait until your team makes it to the Super Bowl, there is always a scramble to buy the few suites remaining on the Sunday night and Monday morning after the Super Bowl teams are determined, and prices often rise. For Super Bowl LIII, this timing falls on Monday, January 21st. Of course, if you have supreme confidence that your team will make it to the Super Bowl (as of the writing of this blog, we’re looking at you, Patriots, Rams, Saints and Chiefs fans), then it’s never too early to book your Super Bowl LIII suite!

How expensive is a Super Bowl LIII suite?

Super Bowl suite prices will vary significantly based on suite location and size.  As of this writing (December 2018), the most expensive suite at is a Gullwing Club suite at $650,000.  The least expensive suite is a 200 Level suite coming-in under $300,000.  In general, customers should expect to pay between $14,000-$30,000+ per ticket depending on the location of the suite.

What are the different Super Bowl LIII suite options at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

For the traditional suite experience: 100 Level Suite or 200 Level Suite

  • 100 Level and 200 Level Suite Details
    • Size: While sizes vary, most 100 Level Suites accommodate 26 guests, and most 200 Level Suites accommodate 20 guests
    • Location: Both suite levels wrap around the entire stadium, except the 100 Level Suites are one level lower, bringing you and your guests closer to the action.
    • Why book a 100 or 200 Level Suite?
      • For those looking for a traditional Super Bowl luxury box experience, the 100 and 200 Level Suites are great options.  Guests will enjoy a very similar Super Bowl suite experience, regardless of whether you book a 100 Level Suite or a 200 Level Suite. The primary differences between these two suite levels are size and location.
  • Both of these Super Bowl LIII luxury suite levels include the premium amenities that are included in traditional luxury boxes:
    • Exclusive catering
    • Upscale furnishing
    • Private restrooms
    • Dedicated in-suite attendant
    • HDTVs
100 Level Suites will offer excellent views of the action during the Big Game

100 Level Suites will offer excellent views of the action during the Big Game

For the most unique and exclusive suite options at the Super Bowl, opt for the Field Level Suite or a Gullwing Club Suite

  • Field Level Suite Details
    • Size: Field Level Suites accommodate 22-26 guests
    • Location: Field Level Suites are located on the turf right behind the endzone, bringing you closer to the action than any other luxury box in the stadium.
    • Why book a Field Level Suite?
      • It’s unique:
        • By offering an experience unlike any other in professional sports, Field Level Suites have re-defined premium seating at NFL stadiums. Venues built within the past few years are the only ones that have luxury suites this close to the field.
      • Unrivaled view:
        • Outside the suite there are 3 rows of 6 plush leather seats perched just a few feet above the field in the end zone, providing guests with a view of the game unmatched anywhere else. First class benefits of a skybox and front row seats to a touchdown celebration? Yes please!
      • It’s exclusive:
        • There are only 16 Field Level Suites in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, with 8 behind each endzone. Enjoying the Super Bowl from one of these suites is a special experience that very few have the opportunity to enjoy.
      • It’s spacious:
        • Field Level Suites are more spacious than the other luxury boxes at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
      • VIP treatment:
        • Field Level Suites include all the typical premium seating amenities, including upscale furnishing, in-suite attendant, HDTVs, private restrooms, and first class service.
  • Gullwing Club Suite Details
    • Size: Most Gullwing Club Suites accommodate 22-26 guests
    • Location: Gullwing Club Suites are located on the 100 suite level between the 20 yard lines.
    • Why book a Gullwing Club Suite?
      • View from the center:
        • If you want the best suite view from midfield, the Gullwing Suite is the place to look. No skybox is inside the 20 yard line, ensuring prime views of the field.
      • Access to the Gullwing Club:
        • The Gullwing Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is reminiscent of a 21st century palace. The gold and silver interior design, from the sofas to the chandeliers, beautify the club space into one of the most incredible premium seating options in the country. Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons, personally oversaw many of the touches of this club.  Feel like football royalty by enjoying Super Bowl LIII from the Gullwing Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
      • The Most Exclusive Suite Location:
        • Gullwing Club Suites are also known as Owner’s Suites. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is expected to be in attendance in his suite (right on the 50 yard line in the Gullwing Club) for the big game. It will be no surprise if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other top celebrities are spotted in the Gullwing Club Suites at Super Bowl LIII.
Gullwing Club Suites are among the most luxurious suites in the country, offering the finest finishings and amenities

Gullwing Club Suites are among the most luxurious suites in the country, offering the finest finishings and amenities

Gullwing Club Suite ticketholders have access to an incredible VIP stadium club just outside their suite

Gullwing Club Suite ticketholders have access to an incredible VIP stadium club just outside their suite

For smaller groups of guests: Loge Box

  • Loge Box
    • Size: Loge Boxes accommodate 4-6 guests and include 1 VIP parking pass.
    • Location: Loge Boxes are located in the back section of the lower bowl, just below the 100 suite level. The upper portion of sections 106, 114, 124, and 132 are set aside for Loge Boxes.
    • Why book a Loge Box?
      • Premium seating, yet more casual:
        • The Loge Box is a new trend in the premium seating industry that is quickly gaining popularity. Guests feel like they are part of the general seating bowl, yet you have your own private section of plush seating and VIP service.
      • Smaller group size:
        • Are you looking for a Super Bowl LIII suite, but don’t have a party of 16+? Loge Boxes are perfect for a small gathering of guests who want to enjoy the Super Bowl in a VIP environment.
      • Club access:
        • Guests in a Loge Box will have all-inclusive access to the AMG Lounge and SunTrust Club. Enjoy full access to the gourmet food, flat screen TVs, and trendy bars at two of the finest clubs at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
      • It’s intimate:
        • With 4-6 leather seats surrounding a table overlooking the field, Loge Boxes provide an intimate setting. An HDTV is built in to the center of the table, offering dynamic views of the game.
Loge Boxes are ideal for smaller groups

Loge Boxes are ideal for smaller groups

Here is a suite map for Mercedes-Benz Stadium to give you a better idea of where each suite is in the stadium.

There are many suite levels at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, each one offering a luxurious Super Bowl experience

Super Bowl 53 Suite Map

How expensive is a Super Bowl LIII suite?

Super Bowl suite prices will vary significantly based on suite location and size.  As of this writing (December 2018), the most expensive suite at is a Gullwing Club suite at $650,000.  The least expensive suite is a 200 Level suite coming-in under $300,000.  In general, customers should expect to pay between $14,000-$30,000+ per ticket depending on the location of the suite.

Why is the Super Bowl taking place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

After 25 years at the Georgia Dome, the Atlanta Falcons built the magnificent Mercedes-Benz Stadium ahead of the 2017 NFL season. Located in Atlanta, GA, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the newest stadium in the NFL. Falcons owner Arthur Blank’s $1.6 billion vision came to reality when the stadium first opened its doors on August 26, 2017 for a Falcons preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Along with many other distinct features, the stadium has a ring-shaped circular scoreboard that is three times the size of any other electronic display board in the NFL. The scoreboard is unlike any other scoreboard in professional sports, and it has drawn widespread acclaim from fans since the stadium’s opening. Mercedes-Benz Stadium also has a retractable roof that slides open in circular form around the ring-shaped scoreboard. With fan first food and beverage pricing, an in-house Chik-fil-A, open glass views of the city, and pedestrian skybridges, Mercedes-Benz Stadium sets itself apart from other venues across the country.

If I want to book a Super Bowl suite, what are my next steps?

Ready to book a luxury suite for Super Bowl LIII? Here’s a simple guide of how to use SEG to book your Super Bowl LIII luxury suite.

  1. Visit
  2. Browse suite inventory and use the suite map to see where each suite is located in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  3. Once you decide on the suite that is right for you, click on the suite and then select “Request to Book.”
  4. Fill out your personal information, and an SEG client service representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
  5. Suite Experience Group has sold suites for the last nine Super Bowls and is well-equipped to ensure your trip to Super Bowl LIII is the experience of a lifetime!
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Expect New Tax Code to Stimulate Growth in Secondary Market for Luxury Suites

Norseman Suite at US Bank Stadium

Norseman Suite at US Bank StadiumThe recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress has already had sweeping effects on nearly every industry, including the market for tickets and luxury suites at sporting events and concerts. Prior to the new tax code, companies used to be able to write off 50% of all “entertainment, amusement, or recreation” expenses, such as treating clients to golf outings or entertainment events in a luxury box. With the new legislation, the cost of luxury suites are technically no longer tax deductible. (This may prompt some companies to categorize these expenses as an advertising expense or some other fully-deductible line item; however, that posture comes with some degree of tax audit peril. Most companies shy away from this risk and will indeed categorize their luxury suite expense as entertainment.)

Essentially, from an economic standpoint, the price for a company to own a luxury suite has risen, despite venues making no changes to their pricing. As written by Bloomberg Politics, “Luxury boxes at stadiums and arenas — along with theater and concert tickets — will be more costly for firms that use them to woo clients.” Firms must now search for solutions to maintain the level of client satisfaction that has driven positive results to their bottom line for years, while also being wary of the increased price of their luxury suite – this is where the secondary market comes into play.

With the post-tax price of a luxury suite increasing, businesses will look to minimize their luxury suite expense as much as possible and return to the prices they were comfortable paying before the tax legislation was passed. The easiest way to do so is by exploring the secondary market for luxury suites. Through exchange platforms such as Suite Experience Group, firms that are no longer as comfortable paying high lease prices for luxury suites can sell individual game suites to buyers in the marketplace. By participating in the secondary market, businesses are able to recoup some of their original investment. According to one corporate suiteholder who asked to remain anonymous, “We are strongly considering cancelling our suite lease at the end of this year and simply purchasing events on an as-needed game-by-game basis moving forward.”

Financial Impact on Corporate Suiteholders

Allan Ratafia, Managing Partner of Ratafia and Company, CPA’s and Build Your Firm Inc, presents a basic example to demonstrate how the new legislation will impact the secondary market. Assume Firm A has $100,000 in revenues, a luxury suite expense of $80,000 (assume this is the firm’s only expense), and the corporate tax rate is 40%. Under the old tax legislation, 50% of the $80,000 entertainment expense was tax deductible, meaning $40,000 can be deducted from Firm A’s revenues. This would leave $60,000 in taxable income, and with a 40% tax rate, Firm A would have to pay $24,000 in income taxes. Now with the new tax legislation, 0% of the entertainment expense can be deducted from Firm A’s revenues, resulting in $100,000 of taxable income. Firm A would now have to pay 40% of $100,000, meaning $40,000 must be paid in income taxes.  Firm A would pay $16,000 more in taxes, effectively increasing the cost of its luxury suite by 20% to $96,000 ($80,000 + $16,000).

Mr. Ratafia, who has been practicing as a tax accountant and financial advisor since 1988, argues that some firms will look to recover that increase by allocating and selling a set number of games in the secondary market. “I just might not give my clients as many games. If I have 8 home NFL games, I may only treat my clients to 6 of the games, and I will look to recover the costs of the other 2 games to compensate for the tax increase under the new rules. If we’re going with the same numbers as before, selling 25% of my tickets would bring back $20,000 in cash to my company, making up for the steeper income taxes, $16,000 above, I now have to pay.”

Effect on Teams and Venues

In addition to the current impact of the tax reform, which suggests firms will look to resell their suites at a greater rate, the potential impact on teams in the near future must not be ignored. When companies decide whether or not they should renew their suite leases in the coming years, executives may have more hesitation to do so than in years past. While some companies will still renew their leases, many will determine that luxury suites – now bearing an additional cost – are no longer worth the investment to their firm.

Teams and venues that derive significant revenue from luxury suites essentially have two levers to offset the tax impact on their leaseholders: significantly lower prices for luxury suites, or encourage the usage of secondary markets to sell the suite for underutilized events. Firms will be more willing to renew their luxury suite leases if they are made aware of the potential to resell the suite for individual events. The ability to recoup a portion of this investment is an attractive feature for leaseholders and will also play a role in how much, if any, teams and venues will actually re-price their suite tickets. The secondary market can ease the concerns of leaseholders and incentivize them to renew their luxury suite leases with teams.

The secondary market for luxury suites is more important now than ever before. Teams have an opportunity to encourage the use of the secondary market by their leaseholders or risk losing those suiteholders who aren’t willing to pay the steeper costs. While each suiteholder will react differently to the new tax rules, suiteholders can shift from defense to offense by using the secondary market to offset the higher cost of the lease.

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