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Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA

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Do you own a suite at this stadium?

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Super Bowl LIII Suite Prices

How much do Super Bowl LIII suites cost?

Super Bowl suites are among the most coveted tickets in all of sports. Luxury Boxes for Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes Benz Stadium currently range in price from from $50,000 to $662,000 depending on suite size and suite location. On a per ticket basis, suite tickets range in price from $8,000 to $21,000.

Suite Map

Suite Levels at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

100 Level Suite

16 Tickets
22 Capacity
4 Parking

100 Level Suites can accommodate groups of 16 - 22 guests. This suite level wraps around the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, offering views from every vantage point.... MORE

200 Level Suite

23 Tickets
27 Capacity
5 Parking

Falcons 200 Level Suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium include 23 tickets and 5 VIP parking passes. Suites will feature HDTVs, Wi-Fi, private restrooms, wet bar and premium... MORE

Field Level Suite

22 Tickets
26 Capacity
5 Parking

There are 16 Field Level suites at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, with 8 of these suites located behind each end-zone. These are by far the closest suites to the field and... MORE

Loge Box

6 Tickets
1 Parking

Loge Boxes offer some of the best views in Mercedes Benz Stadium. Located in the back section of the lower bowl and just below the 100-Level suites at Mercedes Benz... MORE

Gullwing Club Suite

22 Tickets
26 Capacity
5 Parking

Gullwing Club Suites are the most exclusive suites at Mercedes Benz Stadium. They are also referred to as Owners Suites. Gullwing Club Suite ticket-holders have access... MORE

Centennial Suite

23 Tickets
27 Capacity
3 Parking

Centennial Suites are centrally located on the visitors side of the field, above the lower bowl. There are only 10 Centennial Suites in total, making this suite level... MORE

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Event Planning Guide

In this section we’ve compiled key considerations for planning your next group event in a suite at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


Mercedes-Benz Stadium has 5 different suite levels. Suite capacities range from 16 guests to 26 guests. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers a Loge Box option containing 4 to 6 seats in a semi-private environment. Loge Boxes are located at all four corners of the stadium just above the 100-level general seating sections. Loge Boxes are perfect for small group outings. 


Suite pricing for at Mercedes-Benz Stadium varies widely by event. Atlanta Falcons suite pricing depends on opponent, day of the week and suite level/location. Full private suite rentals typically range from $13,000-$35,000 depending on the aforementioned factors. Third-party events such as the Supercross can start as low as $5,000 per suite. Suite prices for concerts will also vary widely. Suite Experience Group can help you determine which events will fit into your budget.


In-suite catering is available in all suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Guests will be able to order at their discretion from the full suites menu. The suites catering menu at Mercedes-Benz Stadium includes a wide range of food and beverage options provided by Levy's Catering. Most suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium do not include catering in the base price of the suite, so be sure to allocate additional funds if you would like to have your suite catered. The average Suite Experience Group client at Mercedes-Benz Stadium spends between about $100 per person on in-suite catering, however, there is no catering minimum. Suite Experience Group will provide the Mercedes-Benz suite catering menu and can advise on the appropriate budget and catering order for your group.


There are a number of different stadium clubs at Mercedes-Benz. Depending on which suite you purchase, you will have access to at least two clubs (and sometimes more). Here is a breakdown of who can access each club and what the amenities are in those clubs:

SunTrust Club – located on field level, along one sideline, this club is exclusive to members. Ticket-holder will have great views of the home and visiting team players tunnel through floor-to-ceiling windows located in the private dining space. The SunTrust Club comes inclusive of food and beverages.

AMG Club – the AMG Club is a subsection of the larger, Mercedes-Benz Club. Also located on field level, this club is private to AMG Club ticket-holders or Loge Box ticket-holders. The AMG club is all-inclusive of food and beverage and can be access by entering the Mercedes-Benz Club. The easiest way to access the Mercedes-Benz club is to enter through Section 112. Present your ticket to the user and guests will walk down the 112 Section and follow the stairwell under the stadium.

Mercedes-Benz Club– located at field level, the Mercedes-Benz Club also provides viewing access to the players tunnel. The Mercedes-Benz Club features a number of cash bars and food areas. The Mercedes-Benz Club is reserved for suite ticket-holders and club seat ticket-holders The Mercedes-Benz club features on-field patio viewing access, lounge seating, private bars and restrooms.

Gullwing Club– Located on the Centennial 100-Level Suite area, there are only a handful of “Gullwing Club Suites” that provide access to the Gullwing Club. The Gullwing Club is the most exclusive area on suite level; it is heavily guarded by security and provides all you can eat food and drink for the lucky few who gain admittance. The Gullwing Club consists of two levels, with suites, bars and restaurants occupying both levels. All-inclusive food is served upscale buffet style on the first level. Adjacent to this restaurant/lounge area is a full-service all-inclusive bar. Guests can either take stairs or an elevator up to the second level of the Gullwing Club. On the second level, guests will find more suites and 2 additional full-service bars surrounded by lounge seating and fireplaces. The Gullwing Club is the ultimate luxury experience at Mercedes Benz Stadium. 


Mercedes-Benz Stadium has adopted a fully mobile ticketing policy. The stadium does not issue hard-stock tickets or printable electronic PDF's. What does this mean for you? For guests to enter the venue, they will need to display their mobile ticket barcode that can be stored either on the Ticketmaster app, a Ticketmaster mobile browser, or team-specific app (Atlanta Falcons or Atlanta United; each team has their own mobile app). Suite tickets can be transferred electronically to guests and guests can choose their preferred medium for displaying the ticket upon entry. To receive a mobile ticket transfer, you will need to create a Ticketmaster account. Once created, you can download or use any of the above applications to view/store your mobile ticket (barcode). Mobile tickets are scanned via electronic turnstiles upon entry. 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has plenty of mobile ticket experts located outside of the venue to assist with any ticket-related questions. These experts are easily identifiable with yellow shirts reading, "mobile ticketing".  


There is no right answer here, and it ultimately boils down to what others in your group will be wearing. If it’s a corporate event, many guests will likely be dressed in business casual attire. However, it’s not uncommon for guests to wear jerseys of their favorite player, jeans, or even shorts on a hot day. The luxury suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium are climate controlled and have a coat closet for storage.


The NFL has implemented a policy that patrons must bring all their items in bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12." Read the full policy here.


Suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium come with VIP Parking passes. You can follow the directions on those passes to identify the best entrance for your particular suite. Larger groups wishing to travel to the stadium together often opt for a bus. Bus parking and drop-off logistics can be coordinated directly with the bus company. Passes in the Silver Garage provide a private entrance from the parking garage to both 100-Level Centennial Suites and Gullwing Club Suites. 


Parking lots typically open 3 hours in advance of Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United games. This is generally the case for other secondary events at concerts at Mercedes-Benz Stadium as well.


Please visit our general Frequently Asked Questions page. Also feel free to Contact Us as we are always happy to assist you.

Super Bowl LIII Suite Prices

How much do Super Bowl LIII suites cost?

Super Bowl suites are among the most coveted tickets in all of sports. Luxury Boxes for Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes Benz Stadium currently range in price from from $50,000 to $662,000 depending on suite size and suite location. On a per ticket basis, suite tickets range in price from $8,000 to $21,000.

Suite Map

Event Spotlight

Super Bowl LIII will be played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3rd, 2019. This season's Super Bowl will feature a matchup between the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams and the AFC champion New England Patriots.

The Rams, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes and coached by 33 year old (at the time of the Super Bowl) Sean McVay, will be making their first appearance in the Big Game since 2002 when they coincidentally faced off against the Patriots. During that season and until 2016 the Rams were based out of St. Louis, and this season is only their second season after moving to LA. If they win this year's SB, it will be the franchise's second Super Bowl title.

The Patriots will be making their 11th appearance at the Super Bowl, breaking their own NFL record. This year's Super Bowl will also be the Pats' 3rd straight trip, making them the 3rd team to ever make it to the Super Bowl 3 seasons in a row (previously attained by the Dolphins and Bills). Quarterback Tom Brady will be trying for his 6th ring, which would be the most for any NFL player in history.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium was opened in 2018 to rave reviews. Luxury boxes at Mercedes-Benz are among the most well-appointed and well-designed suites of any stadium in the country. With a wide-range of suite levels and suite types, Mercedes-Benz stadium has plenty of premium hospitality options for high-end clientele. All suite for the Super Bowl will include a high-end spread of premium food and beverage including beer, wine, and liquor.  

Suites for the Super Bowl LIII are currently on sale. Please inquire with an SEG representative to find the perfect option for your group.