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When is the best time to book NBA suites and NHL suites?

Atlanta Hawks Luxury suite

Luxury suite at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA, the home of the Atlanta Hawks.

When is the best time to book NBA suites and NHL suites?

With the NBA and NHL seasons upon us, a number of clients have asked about the best time to book a suite, and whether they will get a better deal by waiting until just a few weeks (or even a few days) before the event to book a suite.  Savvy buyers of tickets have learned that the longer you wait, the further the price drops.  With luxury suites, it’s a different story.  In short: the earlier the better.

If you wait until an event is one or two weeks away, it’s often impossible to secure a suite because the suite owners have already invited guests and couldn’t sell their suite even if they wanted to.  While every once in a while there’s a great deal to be had at the last minute, in general, it’s best to purchase a suite a minimum of six weeks in advance of an event.  This will help you maximize your choice of dates and suite location.  You will also have more time to invite guests and make the most of your investment in a suite.

We’re standing by when you’re ready to book your suite for the upcoming NBA and NHL seasons.

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