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Do you own a suite at this stadium?

Sell Your AT&T Stadium Suite With Us

Do you own a suite at this stadium?

Sell Your AT&T Stadium Suite With Us

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  • Morgan Wallen and Jelly Roll

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    3 Suites Available
    From $20,000 to $37,500
    from $20,000
  • Morgan Wallen with Koe Wetzel, Bryan Martin, Nate Smith

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    4 Suites Available
    From $18,287 to $37,500
    from $18,287
  • Zach Bryan, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit & Levi Turner

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    4 Suites Available
    From $19,880 to $37,500
    from $19,880
  • Preseason: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    8 Suites Available
    From $6,000 to $10,000
    from $6,000
  • Canada vs. Mexico

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    5 Suites Available
    From $7,500 to $17,500
    from $7,500
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    11 Suites Available
    From $21,000 to $48,780
    from $21,000
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    12 Suites Available
    From $22,500 to $60,976
    from $22,500
  • Southwest Classic - Arkansas Razorbacks at Texas A&M Aggies Football

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    12 Suites Available
    From $16,500 to $30,000
    from $16,500
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    12 Suites Available
    From $22,900 to $58,000
    from $22,900
  • Monster Jam

    AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
    2 Suites Available
    From $4,667 to $6,438
    from $4,667
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  • If the event is canceled or if fans are no longer permitted, you may choose to receive a full refund or a credit towards a future SEG purchase.
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AT&T Stadium Suite Prices and Details

How much do AT&T Stadium suites cost?

AT&T Stadium luxury suite prices can range from $5,000 to $50,000+ depending on the type of suite and event. Suites for Dallas Cowboys NFL games are in particularly high-demand and average $20,000 per game, whereas concerts and other events start as low as $5,000 for a fully private luxury box.

How many guests can fit in an AT&T Stadium suite?

AT&T Stadium luxury suites can hold between 18 and 40 guests. Many suites come standard with 20 suite tickets and an option to add additional standing room passes for a total capacity of 30 guests. The largest suites at AT&T Stadium come with 30 tickets and a max capacity for 40 suite guests.

Suite Levels at AT&T Stadium

Field Level Suite

21 Tickets
0-5 Parking
Catering Available

Hall of Fame Suite

20-30 Tickets
3-5 Parking
Catering Available

Silver Level Suite

18-20 Tickets
3-5 Parking
Catering Available

Ring of Honor Suite

18-20 Tickets
3-5 Parking
Catering Available

Star Level Suite

18-20 Tickets
3-5 Parking
Catering Available

Owner's Club Suite

20-21 Tickets
3-5 Parking
Food & Beverage Included

Touchdown Suite

20 Tickets
3-5 Parking
Catering Available

AT&T Stadium Event Planning Guide


In-suite catering is available for all suites at AT&T Stadium. The suites catering menu includes a wide range of food and beverage options provided by Legends Catering. Select suites on the Hall of Fame Level come with catering, but most suites will not include food and drink in the base price.

Parking and Transportation

Suites at AT&T Stadium will come with an allotment of parking passes valid for designated VIP lots around the stadium. Buses and RV's can park in Lot 14 with a valid RV pass ($150). AT&T Stadium has two designated passenger drop-off zones at Lot 1 and Lot 6. Parking lots open 5 hours before games.

Safety and Well-being

The staff at AT&T Stadium has been working tirelessly over the off-season to ensure that the stadium will be safe for all guests attending an upcoming event. A few of the new protocols include mask enforcement by all guests and AT&T Stadium staff, mobile-only ticketing, and cashless experience.


There is a wide range in suite cost for events at AT&T Stadium. Suites for Dallas Cowboys (NFL) home games typically cost between $10,000-$35,000 depending on opponent and location. For events like concerts, AMA Supercross, Monster Jam or exhibition soccer, suites pricing starts as low as $5,000.

Club Access

There are 10 private stadium clubs for suite ticket holders at AT&T Stadium. Depending on which suite you purchase, you will have access to two or more club areas. Your suite ticket will provide you with entry into these exclusive stadium clubs. Suite guests often enjoy mingling here before events.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress code for the suite levels at AT&T Stadium. For corporate events, most suite patrons will dress in business casual attire; however, it’s not uncommon for guests to wear casual clothing or team-branded apparel. All luxury boxes at AT&T Stadium are climate-controlled.

Venue Bag Policy

The NFL Clear Bag Policy states that all patrons entering AT&T Stadium must have their belongings in clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12.” Other permissible totes include: one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar) and small clutch bags.


AT&T Stadium Suite ticket holders gain access to exclusive VIP Entrances located at the A, E, F, and K gates. These gates are well marked and will open 2 hours prior to Dallas Cowboys games, allowing ample time to enjoy the stadium clubs before heading to your luxury suite in advance of the event.

Child Ticket Policy

Children under the age of 1 do not require a separate suite ticket to enter AT&T Stadium. One of the benefits for families in a luxury suite is that it affords young children the flexibility to move around in a private environment inside the suite. Strollers are permitted at AT&T Stadium.

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