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What’s on your sports bucket list?

At Suite Experience Group, we spend a lot of time thinking about creating unique and memorable experiences for our clients.  Fortunately, the American sports landscape provides bucket list experiences in nearly every city.  Need some ideas for your own sports bucket list?  Here is some inspiration for your next sports adventure:

Phil Mickelson celebrates after winning the Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., in this April 11, 2004 file photo. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Phil Mickelson celebrates after winning the Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., in this April 11, 2004 file photo. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

The Masters

Jim Nantz calls it “A tradition unlike any other”.  We call it the only place in America where you pay $1,500 for the right to purchase a world-class Pimento-Cheese Sandwich for $1.50.  In all seriousness, once you make your way down Magnolia Lane and past the gates at Augusta National, it truly is a throwback.  Perfectly manicured fairways guarded by towering pines.  An aggressive no cell phone policy.  No running.  Very reasonably priced concessions.  And the best golfers on the planet all gunning for the right to wear the Green Jacket.  It’s a magical mix that can’t be experienced from your living room.  So put a pilgrimage to Augusta on your sports bucket list.

Wrigley Rooftops

Few teams are more iconic than the Chicago Cubs.  Perhaps it’s no surprise then that fans clamor to watch Cubs games even from outside the stadium.  While you might be a bit removed from the action, watching a game from the Wrigley Rooftops is almost like being in a giant luxury suite.  For example, at 3639 Sheffield, your perch high above right-center field comes with some added comforts.  Starting an hour before game time, you can begin taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat food and drink in the Hall of Fame Suite located below the outdoor stadium style seating.  And if you want to invite some friends along, not to worry, as many of the Rooftops can accommodate up to 200 guests.  As far as bucket-list experiences go, this one comes in on the cheaper end of the spectrum, with price per ticket starting as low as $75.

Wrigley rooftops

A view of the Wrigley Rooftops perched above Wrigley Field.

Green Monster at Fenway Park

Seats above the Green Monster at Fenway Park offer one of the most unique views in baseball.

Green Monster Seats

The most famous wall in sports stands over thirty seven feet tall and can loom larger than life for the opposing team.  In 2003, the Red Sox installed “Monster Seats” so that 274 lucky fans can enjoy each game from  atop the wall.  While tickets at Fenway are typically in high-demand (the Red Sox sold out 820 games in a row from 2003 to 2013), seats on the Green Monster are particularly hard to come by.  Savvy buyers can tap into the secondary market to score seats, with prices running in the hundreds of dollars per seat.  But don’t expect the plush comforts of a luxury suite (the metal seats don’t have much leg room), and be sure to bring your glove as you’ll be in striking range of a home run ball.

Super Bowl Luxury Suite

If you’re going to attend the most watched sporting event in America, why not do it in style?  The luxury suites are the place to be during any Super Bowl, and Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium will be no exception.  In fact, Levi’s Stadium has built an entire tower of suites for the corporate titans and celebrities to take-in the big game in a climate-controlled environment with indulgent food spreads, plush seating, HDTV’s, and access to VIP stadium clubs.  When it comes to price, buckle your seat belt: suites at Super Bowl 50 are starting at over $500,000 for you and 21 of your closest friends.

Suite Tower at Levi's Stadium

The Suite Tower at Levi’s Stadium will be packed with celebrities and corporate titans during Super Bowl 50

The real question is this: what is on your sports bucket list?  There are thousands of events per year in the US.  The four listed above are just a teaser to get you planning your next adventure.  And when you’re looking for a luxury suite, we at Suite Experience Group are here to help.  Need more ideas?  Browse our suite inventory here.

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