Could Mother Nature Postpone The Super Bowl?

It’s becoming a possibility that Super Bowl XLVIII could be postponed. Although it’s unlikely, the NFL is prepared to move the Super Bowl to another day because of the weather.

Teams have been told to prepare in case a contingency plan goes into effect. Although Monday offers a little hope in the East Rutherford, NJ forecast. According to weather reports, Super Bowl Sunday should be mostly clear with a high of 38 degrees and only a 20% chance of precipitation which could result in a mix of rain and snow. If something changes and the weather becomes completely unbearable, the NFL has a small window to make any changes. They need 24 hours to change the game time and 36 hours to change the game day.

All 80,000 fans at the game will get Super Bowl swag bags to help stay warm. Each fan will receive items like ear muffs, mittens, hand warmers and lip balm.

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